The complex realities of designing a successful experience

Experience design can play a lynchpin role in the transformation process.

Rapid technological change has led to new ways of doing business, new opportunities, and an increase in connectedness and complexity. As new technology becomes widely available to all, a positive user experience is often the only key differentiator between competing products and services. As a result, in today’s experience economy, designers and product teams have become critically important. However, in addition to giving them a more important role, new technology and greater connectedness have also introduced new challenges for experience designers.

This whitepaper will cover:
  • How those creating experiences need a better understanding of the changing nature of business, technology and the systems they are creating for and within
  • How an experience can help and is affected by a maturing ecosystem
  • How to defend the quality of the experience while being supportive and collaborative within constraints and external factors faced in a multi-disciplinary org
  • How experience design is created in a technical world and how it supports complex business decisions

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