Design Thinking Bootcamp

OST's 3-day bootcamp will teach you and your team how to drive customer-focused innovation.

This experience will immerse you in design thinking and human-centered design processes. The 12 to 16 professionals who participate in this session will:

  • Learn processes and language that improve collaboration amongst team members

  • Develop more effective ideation and brainstorming skills

  • Gain a cost-effective method for quickly testing strategic ideas

  • Discover practical ways to stay focused on your customer’s needs

  • Practice rapid prototyping techniques

  • Learn how to coach others through the design thinking benefits. 


Who Should Attend Design Thinking Workshops?

While any group or individual can benefit from design thinking, this event is geared towards professionals and executives who are focused on solving problems, creating products and services or innovating for their organizations. We can cater this event to your organization's unique needs.


“Design thinking has fundamentally changed the way we work at Legrand | AV. It’s given us a business framework to solve all kinds of challenges — from something as complex as a new product introduction to something as simple as the development of our sales meeting agenda.”

Laurie Englert, VP of Customer Experience,
Legrand | AV


More About This Design Thinking Event

The 3-day immersive format takes participants through 2 complete project cycles of the design thinking process. From the start, you'll be on your feet and engaged. The days are fast and fun, and everyone walks away with the principles and experience needed to apply design thinking back to their organizations.

After an introduction, participants are divided into interdisciplinary teams. Each team will consist of no more than 6 people per coach. And each team will take a real-world design challenge through the five modes of design thinking:

  1. Empathizing with the customer or user

  2. Defining the problem clearly

  3. Ideating a wide solution space

  4. Prototyping quickly and cost-effectively

  5. Testing with actual users

On the last day, participants will explore how to bring their new skills back to their own projects and teams.

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