No Product Is an Island—Have You Made the Shift to Platforms?

Achieve the Quadruple Aim With Platform-Based Approaches

Throughout the design of a medical device, doctors, nurses, and patients are carefully studied to ensure the product will provide value for these groups. But that device is part of a much larger ecosystem.

When we think in terms of platforms, we can begin leveraging the connections between multiple medical devices and how those connections can drive new insights and outcomes.

At MedFuse, OST’s Jim VanderMey unpacked the differences between a product and a platform and how to build a system that generates the most value for healthcare providers and patients.

Attendees learned all about:

  • The most important considerations for connected medical device development
  • Overcoming the challenges medical device manufacturers face with connected products
  • How technology can live up to the hype surrounding its potential and further the quadruple aim
  • How healthcare organizations and medical device manufacturers can adapt and thrive in the changing landscape of the Digital Era

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