Fast Forward Your Connected Product Launch. 

Get your smart product to market faster by leveraging OST and AWS IoT capabilities. OST can walk you through this process from defining the product's value to creating a proof of concept (PoC) for product validation. 

Building a connected product has never been easier from a technical perspective. The challenging part doesn't come in the technical capabilities, but rather in the human experience. 

The OST connected product accelerator was developed as a catalyst for product development. Embedded into the platform are OST's best practices, frameworks, and connectivity tools, which are flexible based on your organization's toolkit for delivering successful connected products to the market. 

What can you expect?

The OST connected product accelerator is a jump start program, complete in 2 phases over 12 weeks. 

  1. Product Strategy
  2. Architecture and Design Discovery
  3. Proof of Concept utilizing OST IoT Foundation IP

The goal is to create an MVP product to test, validate and build a case for a fully commercial product. Complete the form to download the PDF today for more information on this offer. 

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